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Vegan Protein Bar

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Whether you adhere to a vegan diet or not, once you try the Hammer Vegan Bar you'll be hooked. Both flavors, Almond Cacao and Chocolate Peanut, combine organic tapioca, a healthy carbohydrate source, two good protein sources—pea protein and organic brown rice protein—and other tasty, high-quality ingredients that are specific to each flavor. The result? A super healthy, utterly delicious bar.

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Both flavors provide a good source of protein—Chocolate Peanut has 14 grams per bar, Almond Cacao has 15 grams per bar.   For those with soy intolerances or allergies, the Almond Cacao flavor is the perfect option as it is 100% soy-free. (The chocolate coating of the Chocolate Peanut flavor has just a trace of soy in the form of lecithin.) Both flavors are Kosher certified as well.

Once you try them, we are sure you will agree that the Hammer Vegan Bar is your ideal, convenient, and delicious choice for post-workout, meal replacement, snacking, or any time you want a good source of vegan protein.

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