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Are you using too much Perpetuem

This would have to be the most common problem we come across when working through fueling issues with clients or just generally talking to people at expo.  Or someone will say "I tried your stuff once, but it made me feel crook".
The suggested usage amounts in the Little Red Book are just that - suggestions.  And there are two very important little words in the usage quantities that people often miss - "up to".  So if it says "up to" 2 scoops for your body weight, then this is the maximum suggested intake.  And these guidelines also work on the assumption that you aren't taking in calories from any other sources. 
What we often find is that people are using their suggested 1.5 - 2 scoops of Perpetuem per hour, but then they are also using a gel or two and/or some sports drink.  This will very quickly put you way over your ideal caloric intake.
Yes I know that many people will tell you that you need a gram of carbohydrate per kg of bodyweight.  This is what is taught, and so this is what we are all told.   But in our experience this is simply way too much for most people.
If you have ever felt nauseous during an event, I can almost guarantee you that the most likely cause is the over consumption of calories (sorry I'm not that metric but multiplying by 4 will give you the approx kJ).  Too little fluid can also make you feel pretty awful, so keep a check on that as well.
As a guideline, 220 - 250 calories per hour will work for most people, and often less if you are under say 70kg.  And if you are running then often a gel an hour (just 90 calories) will be all you need - and all your stomach can cope with.
The longer that I train and work with the Hammer fuels, the less I find I am using.  Having started out like so many of clients consuming a whopping 300cal per hour (argh!), at 60kg, I am now finding after some experimentation that a scoop to a scoop and a quarter of Perpetuem (130 - 180 cal) per hour will meet nearly all my fueling needs, together with appropriate fluids of course.
Yes alot of you will need more than this - this is why we say to always test things out in training.  But if you haven't tried the less is more approach yet, I suggest you give it a go.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
I always recommend you tuck a couple of extra gels in your pocket when heading out, just in case we've cut you back too far, you are out longer than you thought you would be, or a buddy doesn't have enough fuel.
And of course the coolest part of all this is, not only will you feel better, but your fueling will cost you ALOT less.

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