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Brand Ambassadors

Sponsorship Applications


Read before applying:


Hammer Nutrition (NZ) receives many sponsorship applications from individuals every year.


We appreciate and value everyone we receive. However, being a small company, we can’t sponsor everyone.


Before you approach us, you should have a very clear understanding that sponsorship is a two way street – we give you something – you give us something.  If you are simply just after free or discounted product, then this is not the sponsorship for you.


We value our sponsored athletes highly and work with them to ensure they have the right nutrition to improve their performance.


Athlete Requirements

You don’t have to be the very best in your chosen sport. Here is a short analysis of what we are looking for;

1 Strong passion for Hammer products (with a history of online purchase from us)

2 Good understanding of the Hammer range you use

3 Leadership, creditability and integrity

4 Strong social media presence

5 Be prepared to work for your sponsorship

Successful Brand Ambassadors will be required to

Essential knowledge: Read and become familiar with The Endurance Athlete’s GUIDE to SUCCESS and the Hammer Nutrition’s fuelling philosophies and principles.

Race Reports/Athlete updates: Submit frequent regular race/training reports, along with photos.

Customer Referrals: Actively promoting Hammer Nutrition to other athletes, retailers and community.

Product Testimonials: Share your experience with our products and why you use them, via social media.

Brand Representation: Train and/or race in Hammer Nutrition apparel, OR at least have our logo prominently displayed on your clothing, helmet, equipment, etc.


Individual Sponsorship Terms/Conditions:

We offer NO monetary sponsorships: If you are seeking monetary support, do not submit a sponsorship application.

SPONSORSHIP LEVELS: THIS DEPENDS ON YOU and your ability to promote and generate interest in Hammer Nutrition.

Conflicting Sponsorship: We require that you do not have a concurrent sponsorship with any other supplement or fuelling company while being sponsored by us.

Order History: An order history will look favourable. We’re looking to sponsor athletes that have a passion for our products with extensive personal experience and results using them.


How to Apply

If you are certain that you meet all of the above criteria, please apply for sponsorship following the guidelines below:

All online applications must be submitted through email to info@hammergel.co.nz with sponsorship in the subject line.

Please send the following:

Include your complete contact information (name, address, phone number, email address, and web site/blog URL, Instagram account etc if applicable)

A letter explaining how you currently or intend to promote Hammer Nutrition in your community.

Brief resume/history or race results, primarily focusing on the most recent results (don’t worry if you are a mid or back of the pack person!)

List of Hammer Nutrition products that you currently use.

A very clear explanation of the sponsorship arrangement you are requesting and your needs from Hammer Nutrition as a sponsor.


Sponsorship requests for the 2018/2019 season are currently open until 31 August 2018.

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