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Endurance Fuels

Our endurance fuels can supply all the calories you need.  Use them as your main or only source of calories during exercise/competition lasting more than two hours and you can say goodbye to hard food and stomach aches.

Perpetuem twin pack has been deleted but by ordering order 2+ of Perpetuem, the same quantity discount will be applied at the checkout.

  • Perpetuem - Endurance Fuel 24 Serve


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  • Perpetuem - Endurance Fuel 3 Serve

    "Have just competed in Naseby 80 km Running Ultra using mainly Perpetuem caffe Latte , was recommended by a friend and was very impressed , very easy to prepare and drink . Finished in a time of 9hours 20 minutes so very pleased , highly recommend this thank you" . Marty Knowler 2014


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  • Perpetuem Solids - half price!

    $5.00 $10.00

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